SOPHIA is the official philosophy club at NMSU. The club is open to all. There is no fee to participate. There are no pre-requisites or prior exposure to philosophy required for activity with the club. There is no censorship. There is the love of wisdom and the pursuit of truth, nothing more.


The club meets every Friday 1-2 pm in the lobby of Zuhl Library. The meetings consist of engaging in the philosophical dialectic — presenting certain problems/puzzles/paradoxes regarding some philosophical topic, proposing theories to solve those problems/puzzles/paradoxes, then presenting objections to those proposals, if there are any.

Some past topics include:

  • Evaluating the motivations and plausibility of Berkeley’s immaterialism (subjective idealism).
  • Theories regarding the nature of time, as well as their ramifications on free will issues.
  • Examining Plato’s Theory of the Forms — its motivations, claims, and objections.
  • Problems with the JTB (or TAK) theory of knowledge.
  • Book IX of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.
  • Arguments for the existence of God: Anselm’s ontological arg., Leibniz’s cosmological arg., Plantinga’s modal arg., Descartes’ ontological arg., Gödel’s ontological arg., Aquinas’ causal arg.
  • Arguments against the existence of God: Kant’s refutation of the ontological arg., The Problem of Evil, Frege’s first-order/second-order predicate distinction.
  • Examining David Lewis’ doctrine of Modal Realism.
  • Existentialism: existence precedes essence.
  • An analysis of Frege’s theory of sense and reference.
  • Accounts of what constitutes death — which inevitably leads to questions regarding what constitutes life.
  • Exploring Universalist, Nihilist, and Restriction accounts of mereological composition.
  • Existentialism: Nietzsche’s unprofessional approach to philosophy.