Philosophy Resources

Here’s a path to the most important of all web-based philosophical resources…


The Philosopher’s Index

*The Philosopher’s Index* is far and away the greatest philosophical research tool available today. Learn how to do serious philosophical scholarship with this impressive database.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This is probably the highest quality philosophical encyclopedia on the internet.


The Philosophical Lexicon

Philosophy is packed with technical terminology, many of which are incredibly difficult to understand. Perhaps this will help you get onto the meanings of some of these tricky terms.


The Philosophical Gourmet Report

The Philosophical Gourmet contains the de facto rankings of philosophical graduate programs (among some other things). It is an essential resource for those planning to pursue serious graduate work in philosophy. With the philosophical job market as competitive as it is, excelling in a quality graduate program is the best way to land a professorship someday.


PEA Soup

A BLOG dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and academia.


The American Philosophical Association

The APA is the primary association of American philosophers.

NMSU Philosophy Department’s Strategic Plan

Philosophy Dept Strategic Plan 12-09-19 (002)

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