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Social Distance Epistemology Lecture Series

Social Distance Epistemology Lecture Series

NMSU Co-Hosted with the Social Distance Epistemology Network the first “Spell It Out” lecture with Professor Christian List:
Meeting 18: Friday 4 September, 1:30-2:30 p.m. US Central Time

“Spell it out” Lecture on the theory of judgment aggregation with Christian List (LSE)

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Connie Rosati
University of Arizona

September 26, 2019
4:00 PM
Breland Hall, Room 333

Resonance and Personal Good

In a well-known passage from “Facts and Values,” Peter Railton offers what has come to be known as the “nonalienation” or “resonance” constraint on an account of an individual’s nonmoral good.  As Railton first expressed it, the nonalienation constraint is an internalist constraint that placed only a necessary condition on an adequate account of welfare or personal good.  Contemporary philosophers who theorize about well-being broadly subscribe to the nonalienation constraint, but it has come to be expressed in a number of different ways.  In this essay, I explore and critically discuss the ways in which that constraint has been characterized, and I propose an account of the constraint that seeks to capture the deep intuition behind it, properly understood.