Major in Philosophy

The major program requires the following courses:  (As of Fall 2010)


PHIL 101G, The Art of Wondering OR PHIL 201G, Introduction to Philosophy; PHIL 312, Formal Logic; PHIL 341, Ancient Philosophy   OR PHIL 344, Modern Philosophy


Three credits in ethics from the following:

PHIL 320, Social & Political Philosophy; PHIL 373, Ethical Theory; PHIL 376, Philosophy of Law


Three credits in applied ethics from the following:

PHIL 302, Business Ethics; PHIL 321, Biomedical Ethics; PHIL 322, Environmental Ethics; PHIL 324, Cyberethics; PHIL 327, Ethics & Sports; PHIL 328, Applied Ethics; PHIL 330, Ethics & Biomedical Research; PHIL, Ethics & Global Poverty.


Six credits from the following core:

PHIL 315, Philosophy of Language; PHIL 346, Philosophy of Mind; PHIL 350, Epistemology; PHIL 351, Philosophy of Science; PHIL 380, Metaphysics


Three credits in Writing Philosophy, PHIL 448.


At least 15 additional credits in philosophy, 6 of which are in courses numbered 300 or above.

Electives:  Sufficient to bring total credits to 128, including 48 upper-division credits.

Second Language:  Students must complete 212/214 level of a second language.