Scholarship Award

Application deadline for Philosophy Major Scholarships 2014-2015


At the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester the Philosophy department will award two Philosophy majors a $1000 scholarship and several other majors smaller sums.  To be eligible for one of the smaller scholarships, you only need to have applied through ScholarDollars.  To be eligible for one of the two larger ones you need to submit a writing sample plus cover letter to the department by May 1, 2015.  Your writing sample should be a paper written for one of your classes that you are especially proud of.  Your cover letter should include information about your GPA, how close you are to graduating, career plans, why you are a Philosophy major, and anything else you think the awards committee ought to know about you.

Scholarships Awarded 2013-2014

The Department of Philosophy wishes to congratulate the following scholarship recipients:

  • Zane Bishof: $1000 ($400 Paul T. Sagal Scholarship + $600 Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Angela Bishof: $1000 ($600 Philosophy Alumni and Faculty Endowed Scholarship. + $400 Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Laura Flores: $500 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Young Kang: $350 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Katherine Deaven: $350 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Brian Kraus: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Jazzai Jimerson: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Giorgi Vachnadze: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Arthur M. Tillbrook: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)

All philosophy majors are strongly encouraged to apply for the Dept.’s 2014-2015 scholarships. Details on the application procedure will be posted here at the beginning of the 2015 winter semester.