Scholarship Awards


Philosophy Scholarship Awards

Application deadline for Philosophy Major Scholarships 2018-2019

At the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester the Philosophy department will award two Philosophy majors a $1000 scholarship—either the Paul T. Sagal Philosophy Scholarship or the Faculty/Alumni Philosophy Scholarship—and several other Philosophy majors smaller Richard Hedden scholarships.

To be eligible for the Paul T. Sagal Philosophy Scholarship, the Faculty/Alumni Philosophy Scholarship, or the Richard Hedden Scholarships, you must:

  • Apply for each scholarship through ScholarDollars.
  • Submit a hard-copy of a writing sample, your best piece of philosophical work, to the department.
  • Include a cover letter with information about your GPA, how close you are to graduating, career plans, why you are a Philosophy major, and anything else you think the awards committee ought to know about you.

Deadline: 5:00 pm Tuesday April 3, 2018


Scholarships Awarded 2013-2014

The Department of Philosophy wishes to congratulate the following scholarship recipients:

  • Zane Bishof: $1000 ($400 Paul T. Sagal Scholarship + $600 Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Angela Bishof: $1000 ($600 Philosophy Alumni and Faculty Endowed Scholarship. + $400 Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Laura Flores: $500 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Young Kang: $350 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Katherine Deaven: $350 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Brian Kraus: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Jazzai Jimerson: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Giorgi Vachnadze: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)
  • Arthur M. Tillbrook: $200 (Richard L. Hedden Endowment)

All philosophy majors are strongly encouraged to apply for the Dept.’s 2014-2015 scholarships. Details on the application procedure will be posted here at the beginning of the 2015 winter semester.