Undergraduate Program Information

A major in philosophy serves not only as preparation for further graduate study in philosophy but also as an area of concentration in a liberal arts program. A philosophy major is appropriate for students planning to attend medical school as well as for those students interested in a career that requires critical reading and argument analysis. Such careers include business, theology and above all, law. Students interested in law may also want to consider the Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law major offered by the philosophy department.

While the course requirements for the major should meet the ends of the liberal arts student, those students interested in graduate study in philosophy or in a career in law are encouraged to seek advice from a faculty advisor as early in their career as possible.

A minor program in philosophy requiring 18 hours of course work is also offered as well as a minor in Ethics.

A four year degree plan for the philosophy major can be found here: 2017-2018 Philosophy – BA Degree Plan.

Philosophy Major: 36 Credits

Required courses:

  • 3 Credits Introductory Philosophy (Choose one from the following)
  • 3 Credits Ethics (Choose one from the following)
  • 3 Credits Logic (Choose one from the following)
  • 3 Credits History of Philosophy (Choose one from the following)
    • HON 227G    Plato & the Discovery of Philosophy (3)
    • PHIL 341     Ancient Philosophy (3)
    • PHIL 344     Modern Philosophy (3)
  • 6 Credits Core Philosophy (Choose two from the following)
  • 3 Credits Applied Ethics (Choose one from the following)
  • 3 Credits Writing Philosophy
  • 12 Credits Philosophy Electives (at least 6 credits must be at the 300-level or above)