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Dr. Mayra Valadez

College Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Arizona State University

Dr. Valadez received her Bachelors in Philosophy and English from New Mexico State University and her Masters and Doctoral degrees in Philosophy from Arizona State University. Her areas of specialization are normative ethics and moral psychology.

Besides teaching at New Mexico State University, Dr. Valadez also teaches online courses for Arizona State University.

Image of Mayra ValadezResearch Interests

Dr. Valadez’s research interests include moral psychology, normative ethics (especially virtue ethics), and metaethics. She is especially interested in how empirical findings in psychology may help to inform normative ethical theory.

She is currently working on a conception of character for empirically grounded accounts of Aristotelian virtue theory. In response to recent philosophical critiques of the Aristotelian conception of character, which grounds both traditional and many modern Aristotelian virtue theories, Dr. Valadez has been researching experimental findings in psychology in order to formulate a theory of character and virtue that is both normatively and empirically adequate.


  • Ethics

  • The Art of Wondering

  • Applied Ethics

  • Philosophy, Law, and Ethics

Contact Information

Office: DASH 99C

Phone: 575-528-7238

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